Here it is… A new beginning into 2018!!


Welcome to my page, my site, my blog and my life.

This first blog of mine is just a quick introduction to myself.

My name is Amy Criss. Mom of three, wife to one, care taker to a dozen or so furry and feathered critters.

My passions:

Happy family, good food, simple life, furry critters, making people smile, handmade goods, and obviously- Photography.

I have two photography brands:

West of Cedar- I focus on branding, and product photography. I absolutely adore getting into a creators space and showcasing what they are working on. It helped me flourish into photography and I have made some incredible connections up and down the Island, across Canada, even globally. I am constantly humbled with the amount of support and friendships made with this adventure.




Ever since having my own kids- I knew I wanted to do something incredible with labour and delivery…. so alas…




My bread and butter, my baby, my zen, my everything (next to the kids of course).
I decided back in Sept to dive headfirst into this crazy lifestyle of being on call, anticipating a new life, and boy, I was not disappointed in the least. My passion is now fuelled with the warrior queens that are produced during their life changing event.

The moments before, during and after childbirth are so SO important to a mom, that I for one did not understand until I had my own kids and realized that labour and delivery was such a blur.

Pardon my forwardness but- your wedding day, is always going to be second, or third or fourth best day of your life once you have a baby.

I am here for you to remember that day. I am here to show you what you are capable of doing, no matter how that little baby gets here. I am here to support you through my lens, and give you a life lasting gift of photos for you to cherish forever.

Thank for stopping in…

Amy Criss  ❤ ❤gllwomens-2

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