A fast and furious entrance…

I’ve know Erika for 5ish years now. We have two of our kids roughly the same age. Being invited into her birth circle was a tremendous honour.


I just didn’t realize how quickly things were progressing. I got a few texts here and there in the morning that maybe perhaps things were shifting, some dilating was taking place. But we all know how unpredictable labour can be. “Keep me in the loop” was my response.

I got another text around 12:30pm, “The midwives are coming over to check things out”.

Text 2- 12:48pm, “They’re setting up!”… me- “CLOSE YOUR LEGS IM ON MY WAY!”


I arrived at 1:06pm…. She got in the pool around 1:25pm…. little MISS ( I emphasize the fact that it’s a girl, being their third baby, and two older boys, we all just figured it was luck of the draw to have another boy.) Kiera Mea was born at 1:55pm Feb, 15th 2018.

It was fast, furious, but also peaceful.

The connection between Erika and her husband Bryn was so clear and evident during that short time. In-between intense contractions, she would whisper… “Baby is almost here, baby is coming” and in return he would validate her with- “Baby is almost here, you’re going to hold your baby soon, you are SO strong.” It was such an incredible sight to witness and I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Special shout out to the wonderful midwives from Birth Tides/Comox Valley Midwifrey for a spectacular job caring for this family.


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